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Telehealth Legislation on Connecticut Governor’s Desk

The Connecticut House approved legislation that would establish standards for telemedicine. SB-467, which is on its way to Governor Dannel Malloy for signature, covers a variety of healthcare providers, including physicians, psychiatrists, advanced practice registered nurses, physician assistants, psychologists and other types of counselors, and dietitian-nutritionists. The provision of the bill require providers to: Communicate using real-time, two-way interactive technology Gather medical history information from the ...

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House Calls: The Frontier of Telemedicine in Urgent Care

As a relative newcomer to the healthcare industry, telemedicine was initially met with skepticism by patients and medical professionals alike, and the urgent care sector was no exception. Today, however, telemedicine has become an industry buzzword, and telehealth experts and urgent care gurus agree that the technology provides opportunities for urgent care centers to improve quality of care, expand their services, and use their resources more ...

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Telemedicine Benefitting from Capital Infusion

Modern Healthcare reports that telemedicine companies have been enormously successful in raising venture capital. In the past year, American Well raised $81 million, Telado raised $50 million, Doctor On Demand raised $21 million, and MDLive raised $23.6 million. There is disagreement as to whether telemedicine will supplant office visits or lead to in-person follow-up visits. Telehealth companies have partnered with large employers and major insurance companies ...

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