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Telehealth Legislation on Connecticut Governor’s Desk

The Connecticut House approved legislation that would establish standards for telemedicine. SB-467, which is on its way to Governor Dannel Malloy for signature, covers a variety of healthcare providers, including physicians, psychiatrists, advanced practice registered nurses, physician assistants, psychologists and other types of counselors, and dietitian-nutritionists. The provision of the bill require providers to: Communicate using real-time, two-way interactive technology Gather medical history information from the ...

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Washington State Legislation Would Allow Transport to Urgent Care

KREM reports that Washington State’s House Bill 2044 would enable emergency first responders to transport patients to urgent care centers rather than to hospitals. When an emergency room visit is the only option presented to patients, they sometimes opt not to go and then call 911 a second time when symptoms persist. The Spokane Fire Department, which supports the bill, believes the legislation will lower the ...

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