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RAND Study Says 16.9 Million More Insured Under Obamacare

If there was any doubt that the Affordable Care Act has had an impact, the RAND Corporation put those doubts to rest. In a study published in the journal Health Affairs, RAND reported that 22.8 million people got healthcare coverage between September 2013 and February 2015, while 5.9 million lost coverage. This is a net increase of 16.9 million. Folks gained coverage through ACA marketplaces, through ...

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ACA and the Disruption of Healthcare Delivery

The Economist analyzes the Affordable Care Act as a major disruptor to the U.S. healthcare delivery system. With the shift away from employer insurance plans and toward exchanges, the article says that healthcare must be more consumer-centric, and the patients are “seeking better treatment for less money.” Due to increased deductibles, an increasing number of consumers are heading for pharmacy walk-in clinics. “The prices are clear, ...

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