What is Urgent Care Today’s mission?
Urgent Care Today’s mission is to deliver timely and actionable information to urgent care professionals who are intent upon optimizing their businesses for success and profitability. Urgent Care Today has a non-clinical focus, instead providing insights into urgent care operations.

Who publishes Urgent Care Today?
Urgent Care Today is published by UC Media, LLC.

I have a news tip. Who should I contact?
Email editor@urgentcaremagazine.com.

How can I request a correction?
Please email your concern to editor@urgentcaremagazine.com.

Do you accept queries?
We do accept queries from experienced journalists. If you are interested in reporting for Urgent Care Today, please send your query and clips to editor@urgentcaremagazine.com.

Can I repost an Urgent Care Today article on my website?
It’s fine to link to our site or republish excerpts of our site for noncommercial purposes. To request permission to use content from our site commercially, please email copyright@urgentcaremagazine.com. Include information about the content you want to republish, your contact information, and how you intend to use the content.

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To discuss advertising opportunities, email  wayne@urgentcaremagazine.com or call 516-203-7346.