ConfirmX to make Online Check-In for ERs and Urgent Care a Breeze!

ConfirmX, an Emergency Room and Urgent Care Check-In service, announced today that it is open for business in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, and Phoenix, AZ. The Software as a Service (SaaS) company was founded to make online search and check-in for ERs and Urgent Care facilities easier for patients and more lucrative for healthcare facilities.

Dr. Sherard Houston, Founder and CEO of ConfirmX, is no stranger to the ER. As a former owner of an urgent care center he understood the difficulty of competing in a growing market. “I founded ConfirmX to help fellow physician-entrepreneurs reach their target patients. This technology allows us to reach patients faster and offer a better overall experience through a network of providers,” stated Dr. Houston.  Dr. Houston’s idea is further supported statistically. 296 million visits are made to ERs and Urgent Care Centers each year. According to an Accenture study, 77% of consumers prefer to make appointments online but only 21% currently do so. ConfirmX hopes to change this by making it easier for patients to schedule through a healthcare facility’s individually branded website. Additionally, Dr. Houston plans to launch an online network dedicated to ER facilities and Urgent Care Centers to make the search and scheduling process easier for patients. Dr. Houston is a recent transplant from Florida, having chosen Austin for its entrepreneurial spirit and “friendliness to physicians”. Now, one year after his arrival, he is ready to share his SaaS offering with the healthcare community. He will be joined by Blanca Lesmes, the company’s Chief Commercial Officer in launching the product. Lesmes, a UT McCombs alumna, was introduced to Dr. Houston while she mentored participants at DivInc, the new Austin-based technology accelerator focused on promoting diversity in technology. “It is an honor to be part of this amazing project. I have been passionate about women’s health for years and this is a way of increasing accessibility to care for all patients,” said Lesmes.

All this brings ConfirmX closer to its goal of making online check-in a healthcare industry norm and a healthcare network available to all.

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