Bionix OtoClear® Ear Wax Removal Meets New Physician Guidelines

The American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery (AAO – HNS) recently updated its safe cerumen (ear wax) removal guidelines to the public.

The AAO – HNS guidelines discussed how clinicians and patients can determine if they suffer from cerumen impaction and the do’s and don’ts of treating cerumen impaction.

The following were permissible cerumen impaction treatments highlighted in the guidelines: using water or saline, irrigation, and a clinician may manually remove cerumen with an appropriate removal instrument. AAO – HNS suggests to avoid ear candling, clinicians to avoid recommending ear candling or the use of cotton swabs, and clinicians and patients should not perform cerumen removal too often.

Bionix’s recently released OtoClear Ear Wax Removal provides a safe, easy, and effective way to clean ears and complies with this year’s new guidelines for ear wax removal.

AAO – HNS is the world’s largest organization representing specialists that treat the ear, nose, throat, and related structures of the head and neck. AAO – HNS Foundation makes the effort to advance the art, science, and ethical practice of otolaryngology – head and neck surgery through education, research and lifelong learning.

“Bionix Health at Home is proud to sell an affordable ear cleaning tool for people to use at home that is deemed safe and effective by the new guidelines,” said Paul Czerniakowski from Bionix.

The new guidelines are met because OtoClear uses an irrigation technique that sprays three streams of water safely toward the sides of the ear canal, instead of one single stream directly toward the ear drum like other irrigation devices on the market.

These three streams of water or saline are shot at a 30-degree angle towards the ear canal walls. The three streams provide three times the water volume compared to single stream devices.  In essence, the OtoClear streams swirl together to create a “whirlpool” effect loosening the cerumen to allow it to naturally flow out of the ear opening. Should any water remain in the ear after treatment, the user has the option to use the empty device to blow air into the ear assuring it remains dry and doesn’t become infected.

OtoClear’s flare tip design makes it safer than cotton swabs or other curette devices as it cannot be over-inserted. Anything that enters the ear canal greatly increases the risk of puncture to the ear drum or merely pushes the wax further into the ear canal causing an even worse clog.  Particularly, when it comes to self-cleaning as one cannot see where the ear wax actually is.

The AAO – HNS 2008 guidelines only provided tips for clinicians, but the updated 2017 guideline highlights the importance of patient care provide guidelines for personal wellness at home.

Cerumen needs to be cleaned but not as often as many may believe. In fact, the sticky substance is used to lubricate, clean, and it protects the body by catching objects like dirt and dust from moving further into the ear canal.

However, cerumen becomes a problem when it causes hearing loss, pain and pressure on the ear, or clogs the ear. Certain populations struggle with cerumen impaction such as children with developmental disabilities.

The OtoClear tip is safe to operate on the self, and on children as young as 6 months based successful research of 18 children from 6 months – 17 years of age who suffered with cerumen impaction.

“It was well tolerated significantly by the majority being tested it provided a non-traumatic method for the removal of obstructing cerumen,” said Dr. Ellen Mandel, the experiment’s lead researcher and University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Associate Professor of Otolaryngology.

The product was created and is manufactured in the U.S. It’s part of Bionix’s Health at Home product line and costs only $5.99. OtoClear Ear Wax Removal can be bought on the Bionix Health at Home website.

Bionix Health at Home is a division of Bionix Development Corporation, a manufacturer of innovative medical devices since 1984. Bionix products are designed to professional medical standards and presently found in medical offices and hospitals throughout the United States along with 50 additional countries worldwide. Our innovative devices are used every single day on treatment of various patient alignments ranging from simple ear wax removal, the alleviation of pain and anxiety from shots, to feed/swallowing difficulties.


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